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Mission Statement

The lights burn late into the night at our studio

For our work is far from finished.  The truth be told, despite all our best efforts these past ten years there are still many, many naughty young tarts running around loose out there.

I kid you not.

Walk past any newsstand and you'll see them adorning the covers of lurid men's magazines or, if you dare, poke your head into your local adult video shop to see still more engaged in conduct the likes of which modesty compels me not to describe further.

It's shocking!

Wayward young models, actresses, strippers, webcam girls and such, all in dire need of moral guidance applied briskly and repeatedly where it will do the most good.

It is indeed a difficult and oftentimes thankless job, but somebody's got to do it and that somebody is us.

We continue therefore to do every thing in our power to see to it that each and every one (or at least the better looking specimens) are dealt with accordingly and most importantly, that the evidence of such is presented for your personal perusal here at

Seeing is believing

The presentations we've prepared come to you in the form of digitally edited video available for immediate download or as 60 min DVD's from our online store.

Each of these hard hitting, no-nonsense presentations features three gorgeous young tarts each of whom was, shall we say, lured into our "studio" with the usual common but effective enticement.

No boring "filler" material here

When you kick back and press the "play" button, you won't find yourself reaching for the "fast forward" button and that's because we don't waste your time with lame story lines and even lamer acting.

Life is made to imitate art
Our models play the role of....well, models.  Our dancers are likewise instructed to portray dancers, our porn stars porn stars and so on. In effect the amount of "acting" required is minimal which we feel to be in the best interests of everyone involved, most especially you the audience.  Of course, we do tell the "ladies" to pretend to be amoral, self-centered, egotistical, rude and so on, but like I said the amount of acting required is minimal.

Best of all, this part of the program lasts but a
scant few minutes.

What comes next ain't about acting.

Actions speak louder than words

Worse even than lame acting is lame content.  All too many spanking producers employ a technique that can best be described as the SMACK-talk-SMACK-SMACK-talk-talk-talk-SMACK-talk-talk routine.  You'll see none of that nonsense in our films where the action is always fast and furious.

Hey, the hussies we present to you are all way, waaay beyond the point where any well meaning lecture would do them an ounce of good anyway.  More importantly, neither you nor we want to hear it. So....after the briefest of introductory preliminaries the only remaining dialog you'll hear are the howls, screams and frantic gibberish you'd expect to hear from a woman getting the bare ass smacking of a lifetime.     Sweet, sweet music indeed.

This is the real thing

The spankings themselves are classic, over-the-knee hand spankings that are lengthy, severe and real.

No cupped palms for these bimbos

If you're not already aware of the old hand-cupping trick, it's time that you were clued in.  This is in fact an all too common method of (we think) cheating that is employed by more than a few producers in the industry.  When executed correctly, it is a surprisingly effective way of making a whole lot of noise with a minimum of effort.  Most of that noise you hear is created by the cushion of air, which becomes trapped, between the spankers cupped palm and its supposed target.  The whole idea is of course to make a mild to moderate bottom smacking seem like very much more.

We don't do "air spankings".

Judge for yourself

Click on any of our sample clips and then pay close attention to the spankers hand as it makes contact with the flawless bottom below.  See how those firm, well-exercised butt cheeks are made to bounce, wobble and jiggle like bowls of traumatized Jell-O.  Observe now how quickly the miscreant's bottom takes on the hue of a summer sunset as you delight in the sight of those stark albeit momentary white handprints each subsequent blow imparts upon it.  All the while be sure to savor the sounds of those smart crisp smacks cutting through the din of outraged screams with razor sharp clarity.

These are the sights and sounds of real spankings administered to real tarts with the utmost in gusto
and vehemence....for this, dear reader, is the way it should be.

Consider if you will that those tantalizing red bottoms squirming so suggestively under that hard swung hand are those of wicked women.

Yes!  Those flailing legs and those swaying breasts are those of unchaste Jezebels!

These, ladies and gentlemen, are real bad girls maneuvered at last into a position they should have been compelled to assume long, long ago.   Bottom's up!

And after we get our hands on those upturned bottoms, not a one sits again for a veeeery long time.

Help us to continue with our mission

By becoming a member of the bun beating fun family you will be doing your bit to ensure that still more wayward young tarts are similarly dealt with.

Hey, causes don't get much worthier
than this.

The girls will thank you too.

Well... maybe not.